Electronic Field Trips

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Yes- I did say Electronic Field Trips! Has anyone ever done one? This is evidently quite the new way to expose children to more educational resources- without actually having to travel to different locations! What an amazing idea- imagine taking your kids or your classroom to Gettysburg, the White House, Mount Rushmore, and other wonderful locations all from the comfort of your own home or classroom! The kids can learn the history behind it, and see what exactly is at each location! Of course nothing is better than actually going to these locations, but for most of us we certainly cannot travel like that! Electronic Field Trips definetely seem to be the next best thing. Many Electronic Field Trips also include teacher lessons too.
I’ve made a list here with links to different Electronic Field Trips. Some are free, and some cost. Here is a list of some free ones that I’ve found.

FREE Electronic Field Trips List
Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Beef Cattle Farm
Belle of Louisville
Fort Harrod & Fort Boonesborough
National Parks
National Weather Service
Trip to a Coal Mine
Trip to a WaterShed
Trip to the Dentist
Trip to the Forest
Trip to the Pig Farm
Trip to the Post Office

List of 26 E-Trips (FREE)

Just browse online to find them. There are quite a few e-trips that you have to pay for. Looks like the normal prices is about $150/trip. But if you scout around you can find quite a few free ones as well!

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    Newest follower from the Tuesday Blog hop! I have never heard of an electronic Field Trip! What a great idea! My daughter and I get snowed in often and I am running out of ideas! This is a great and will definitely be back to check out all the entire list.

    Hope you stop by and start following

    Happy Tuesday


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