Teacher Coloring Planner & STEM Instant Activities Set

I received the below products to use in this review.

The teacher coloring planner from Scholastic is a very popular one because it lets your artsy creative side come out! If you’re a teacher I invite you to join our Classroom Management & Engagement Resources e-mail list here!

New Scholastic Products for Teachers

 It’s always a great time to learn about awesome new products and Scholastic has several great new options out there! Two specifically that I’m featuring for teachers. The first that you’ll see below is the Teacher Coloring Planner – I LOVE it! I can’t believe these haven’t been out before – these are going to be incredibly popular! It combines a completely customizable planner with coloring book pages!

The second item below is the SuperScience STEM Instant Activities. This set is phenomenal! It takes different categories and subjects and provides specific activities for each one with additional resources. Take a look below for more information on each!

Teacher Coloring Planner Review:

Scholastic Teacher Coloring Planner for School

If you love coloring books just click here right now and order this Teacher Coloring Planner that Scholastic has just released. You won’t regret having the extra lines to doodle and color in when you need a little relaxing moment in your day! The great thing about planner is that it’s very customizable for any year or grade level! The entire book is split into two sections – a planner by month and a planner for days/weeks. And wait until you see the price! It’s definitely a deal!

Scholastic Teacher Coloring Planner for School

When you first open the Teacher Coloring Planner you’ll find this All About Me page. As expected you can color it in, list your contact information, and there are large areas for usernames/passwords and other resources that you may need to reference during the year.

The next couple of pages (before the actual planner sections) you’ll find:

*Student information: Name, Parent/Guardian, Address, Phone/E-mail, Notes
*Birthday Calendar – the birthday calendar is on a school calendar from July – June!
*Holidays & Special Days – all teacher oriented! You’ll see traditional holidays as well as Book Lovers Day, Women’s History Month, Fire Prevention Week, National Poetry Month, and more!
*Weekly Schedule – extra space for times and days of the week

.….with places to color on all of them!

2 Scholastic Teacher Book Sets to Check Out Right Now 2 Scholastic Teacher Book Sets to Check Out Right Now 2 Scholastic Teacher Book Sets to Check Out Right Now

Check out this glimpse of some of the full coloring pages! These are found on each page of the month (January, February, etc.) where you also find a clean cut and colorful divider tab for easy access.

2 Scholastic Teacher Book Sets to Check Out Right Now

The Teacher Coloring Planner allows you to fill in the dates on each day so that no matter what year you receive it, it can always be used!

2 Scholastic Teacher Book Sets to Check Out Right Now

The last section of the Teacher Coloring Planner has Monday through Friday listed out. You can customize each page with the date, week number, and time/subject slots to keep track of. There is plenty of space beneath 7 different subject slots to take notes and stay on track.

And no good planner would be complete without an extra page for notes in the back AND a pocket folder built in for storing paper! I LOVE this thing! You can use it for any grade level so regardless of working with preschool kids, high school students, or any grade in between – this Teacher Coloring Planner will work for you!

Buy it on Amazon HERE!

You can read the entire details on this planner at the Scholastic Blog! She’s got a great video tour there. 

SuperScience STEM Instant Activities Review:

SuperScience STEM Instant Activities: Grades 4-6

Having my degree in Biology, it’s been no secret here on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary that I’m a nut about science! So I’m all about getting science and STEM activities to kids, teachers, and parents that everyone can learn from! I requested the new Scholastic SuperScience STEM Instant Activities to take a closer look. Since it’s now summer here I requested the Grades 4-6 set since that’s the range of my boys grades. (You can find the SuperScience STEM Instant Activities Grades 1-3 here.)

So the first thing I noticed (and fell in love with!) right away is the tough cardboard storage holder for the STEM Instant Activities set. Scholastic definitely knows teachers!

SuperScience STEM Instant Activities: Grades 4-6 SuperScience STEM Instant Activities: Grades 4-6

The next thing I noticed immediately (and was impressed with!) was the thick heavy paper quality of the folders and activity pages. They are printed on very high quality material with glossy images. When you open each folder you’ll find a pocket in the middle that holds a stack of 5 laminated Task Cards that you can pass out to each of your 5 groups. On each side of the card is an activity to complete, brainstorming tips and questions and a list of materials needed for that particular activity.

SuperScience STEM Instant Activities: Grades 4-6

On the back side of each folder are hands-on hints for teachers, additional online resources, and which Next Generation Science Standards that are met for those lessons.

The folders included in the storage holder are color coded to match one of three categories:

Life Science: Hearing, Food Webs, Sense of Smell, Ice Age Adaptations, Fossils

Physical Science: Properties of Matter, Air, Forces, Light, Energy

Earth Science: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Wind Power, Weather & Climate Change, Hurricane Damage


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