Easy Beef and Rice Slow Cooker Recipe

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Slow Cooker Recipe: Mongolian Beef Dinner - Quick Meal for After School
Part of surviving on our budget also means being careful with our grocery costs. Sometimes we need to spend more money on our groceries to help prevent the desire to go out to eat. Another obstacle that our family faces is food allergies! My youngest son has a severe soy allergy, and both boys are lactose intolerant – so that REALLY affects how we eat! I’ve learned to improvise! Above is a super simple dinner but very tasty and cost effective!
In our slow cooker I put 2-3 pounds of carne beef and one can of chicken broth – that was it! Then I just let it slow cook for the whole day! You can also put rice in your slow cooker, but I personally prefer to use our rice cooker. The chicken broth adds an amazing flavor to the carne beef which to be honest I would have NEVER thought to use, except that I can’t use most “regular” seasonings and sauces because of my son’s allergy. Voila – a simple yet tasty dinner that hardly took any work at all! I like serving veggies/fruit too so I steamed some brocoli in the microwave to go with our dinner that night as well.
Does your budget affect the way your family eats at home?
PS – I KNOW this isn’t a Mongolian Beef recipe despite what my image says 🙂 I am trying to update literally thousands of old posts so this was my temporary quick fix!

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