Donate Securely to Teachers & Classrooms

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I’ve had someone ask me how they can donate to teachers or classrooms and actually know that their donations will go to a classroom– not a random site where it can’t be used. SO I decided to add a “Donate” button on my right side bar which is secure through Paypal. I do not receive any credit card information. Any monies donated under that bar will go to a teacher specifically for their classroom. (and no- it will not be going to my husband’s classroom! If you want to donate to his classroom please feel free to do so but you need to let me know otherwise it will be donated to other teachers.) It can be $.50 or $50. Every little bit helps our teachers which in turn helps out kids. I’d love to have it set up for teachers participating on this blog but that is a ways off yet. I just wanted to set it up as an option for those of you interested in helping with classroom supplies. Many of our teachers pay for all of their supplies out of their own pocket and this would help alleviate some of that!

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