CLIF’s ZBar Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream Makes My Kid Smile!

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What makes my son smile like this??


CLIF Kid Zbar’s!! SPECIFICALLY both the “Crispy” part and the “Cookies ‘n Cream” flavor! The combination of those two made him SO incredibly happy! As you know this summer we have been on the go A LOT. It makes me tired just thinking that we’ve already stayed in 6 different states and now we’re moving across the country next week!! When we left for our road trip earlier this summer the one thing I made sure we had plenty of was my son’s CLIF bars. He LOVES them and they certainly help settle his mood when he gets hungry!!

Aside from my son absolutely loving these bars I as a mom love that these are organic AND nutritious! We have been particularly watchful of the nutrients my son has been in-taking and making sure he’s getting enough. These Zbar Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream have just 110 calories AND as much iron as 2.5 cups of spinach, as much zinc as 2 cups of peas and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. That’s HUGE because I know my kids certainly won’t just sit down and eat that much peas and spinach….if any at all!

The new CLIF Kid’s Nutrition Label Conversion Tool ( has helped too. It helps parents take the confusion out of reading nutrition labels on kids’ food, which are historically portioned to meet adults’ needs, rather than kids. It works as an unique online calculator that converts nutrition information based on an average adult 2000-calorie diet into age-appropriate Daily Values based on recommended daily allowance for kids.

How it works:

  • ·         Grab a food package and identify the nutrition label on the back
  • ·         On the Nutrition Label Conversion Tool page, select your child’s age
  • ·         Under “Adult Nutrition Label”, pick a nutrient you want to convert for your child and enter in the grams from the nutrition label on the package
  • ·         On the “Kid Nutrition Label” side, you will see the grams converted into the daily percentage this nutrient takes up in their diet for the day. Notice the difference in amount as compared to an adult’s.

 Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received a few snacks in order to try and form my own opinion for this post. All opinions are my own or my son’s.

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