Buying a Mattress – An Expensive Ordeal!!

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We are moving to Iowa in just over 2 weeks now, and my husband and I have been trying to decide what will be coming with us and what we will be selling or getting rid of. One of the things we’ve been trying to decide on is our mattress. We’ve had our mattress for 8 years now and being a mother of two rambunctious boys and many pets you can only imagine the horrors that our mattress has seen. It’s gross to even think about how many times our poor mattress has been peed on, puked on, spilled on, etc. (cringing yet?) Yes we tried keeping mattress protectors on it but inevitably the protector would be in the wash when someone would make a mess on it – it’s Murphy’s law right? We’ve tried cleaning it the best we could but……

So we decided instead of moving our very gross huge mattress in an already dirty moving truck that we would go ahead and invest in a new mattress – it was time. Our kids are older now so we’ve moved past the “accident” stage and our pets are at a minimal number! So we visited Sam’s Club, hhGregg (similar to Best Buy), Sears, and IKEA to see what they had in the way of mattresses. After looking at mattresses which were anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars, we decided since we were moving we would purchase a memory foam mattress from Sam’s Club since it comes rolled up in a box. We were going to buy it in the box and just move it directly onto the moving truck.

But then the other night I spotted an amazing deal on Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattresses on Groupon. The queen size that we needed was “just” $399. Considering that their mattresses are well over $1000 normally we decided to rethink the Sam’s Club mattress. I mean, a mattress isn’t something you should really buy secondhand, and I was NOT about to hit up a thrift store to find a mattress! As much as I would love to have one of those fancy thousand dollar mattresses or sleep number beds it is just not in our budget, and I doubt it ever will be!

SO we re-visited all of the mattress stores again, read all the reviews we could possibly find online about the Nature’s Sleep mattress we were looking at, and decided to go ahead and purchase that one. I’m a little nervous since we’ve never actually laid down on a Nature’s Sleep mattress BUT I’m figuring if they are normally $1300 dollars for the one we were looking at and I could only find good reviews (not 1 single negative review) it was worth a shot! Right? (biting nails….)

I’m curious – how long have you had your mattress? Are you brand specific? How much do you typically spend on them? Where do you usually look for a mattress? Does anyone have a Nature’s Sleep mattress?

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