Build Your Own Puppet Theatre

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This is my son’s first week in K-4 and almost every day he comes home talking about the puppet theatre they have at school.  I would love to get him one for home but they are absurdly expensive!! So I wanted to think of a few creative and less expensive way to let kids hold a puppet show! One very simple way is simply set up a row of chairs, and throw a large blanket or sheet over the top of it. This is the quickest way to do it at home. 

You can also build your own puppet theatre out of wood panels. This takes on carpenter know-how and a bit more time, but I found a great PDF instrucational guide to help you. You can also make a puppet theatre out of PVC pipe similar to the structure below.

Has anyone built their own permanent puppet theatre? I’d love to see pictures! We’ve also talked about stringing up a contraption in the corner of our living room sort of like a clothesline to drape some fabric on and make it the “puppet corner”. You can also play with finger puppets and use a large banana box as a finger puppet play center too.

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