Animal Furry Hat/Scarf/Mitten Combo for Winter & Storybook Characters

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penguin hat


This Penguin Hat/Scarf/Mittens Combo is so cute!!! This would be an awesome inexpensive hat to use in your classroom to designate special helpers as you’re going through your penguin lesson units!! They are also an AWESOME idea to help your students act out storybook characters! Some of our other penguin classroom projects in the past have been Penguin Student Books, Penguin Species Wall Decor, Paper Mache Penguins, and of course the LIVE Penguin Cam app! Below are some more furry animal hats for a great price!

polar bear hat

Polar Bear Hat Combo

panda hat

Panda Hat Combo

dalmation dog hat

Dalmation Dog Hat Combo

ladybug hat

Ladybug Hat Combo

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