A Weekend of Quality Family Time

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If you’ve been around my blog at all you know how much I treasure quality family time. Today is one of those days where for most of the day we shut off our technology, went outdoors, and just had a blast together! We went to one of our favorite local nature parks – Red Rock Dam. I don’t share my personal photos much but I love letting you guys get to know me a little bit and take a peek into some of the fun that we have!

red rock dam iowa

Thankfully it had warmed up enough that we didn’t really even need our jackets, but it was still a bit windy.

german shephard

Here is our precious German Shepard Jenny. Some of you may remember that back in September we adopted her from the animal shelter. When I first saw her, the volunteer at the shelter told us that no one had come to see her since she had come to the shelter – over 2 weeks earlier! It broke my heart a little because she was just a beautiful dog but I won’t lie, I was a little nervous that there might be a reason no one wanted to see a German Shepard in a shelter. Although shepards are a good breed I didn’t know her background or what trauma she might have had. She has turned out to be the absolute best dog we could ever find. She is incredibly sweet and gentle with my kids, our other animals, and is just a joy to have!

As you can see everyone in our family had a great day at the nature park!!

There are a few old tree stumps at the playground area that are awesome for jumping off of – which is just what my boys did!


It’s also great for just sitting and hanging out together as a family!

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