Capturing Life’s Adventure with GoPro Cameras

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 As I’m getting things ready for our baby (we’re ready any day now!) I’ve been reminiscing over our travel photos from this past summer and looking ahead to more exciting things to come! And one of those exciting things (besides our baby of course!) is the holidays!! I just LOVE the cooler weather, watching the kids go sledding every day, and scheming for my kids Christmas presents! And every year  I absolutely drool over the camera equipment! Although I’m a DSLR girl at heart the past few years I’ve had my eye on those amazing GoPro Cameras.

They can capture the adventure and thrill where I’m afraid to take my regular camera. How COOL would it be to get a shot of your family while on a roller coaster…… or splashing in the waves. Whether you’re into extreme sports, traveling, or have kids who are self-professed photogs there is always a good reason to have a GoPro around!

There are quite a few different types of GoPro cameras so let me break a few down for you:

GoPro HERO4: the FIRST GoPro which features a built in TOUCH display! (um awesome!) You can control the camera, play back footage and adjust all of your settings by just tapping or swiping the screen. Techy details: 1080p60 and 720p120 video; 12MP photos at 30 frames PER second.

GoPro HERO4: the most advanced GoPro option; 2x more powerful processor; 2x faster video frame rates

 GoPro HERO: 1808p30 and 720p60 video; 5MP photos up to 5ps; 12x more powerful processor; 2x faster video frame rates

I’m just in awe of these cameras and what they can endure! I love watching kids put them on their helmets, skydive with them on, or watch them launched into the atmosphere tethered to a balloon – it’s just incredible what it can capture! I’m secretly hoping my kids will continue to be into biking and more extreme sports simply so I can buy them a GoPro as they get older!!

But to be totally honest I’ll probably break down and buy one for our family long before then – I’m dying to get my hands on one! They have just about as many accessories as you can imagine for all sorts of different adventures and sports whether it’s hunting, fishing, motorcross, surfing, etc.

If you have a GoPro Camera I’d LOVE to hear about it! What do you use it for?


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