What is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

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What is YOUR Biggest Money Saving Tip?
Let me know your favorites!!
There are a LOT of ways that we have implemented in our family in an effort to cut costs as much as possible. Here are some that have helped us:
  • Couponing for Groceries (I also print online coupons!) This saves us as much as $600 a month or more!
  • We almost never eat out anymore! And if we do we try to use coupons or eat somewhere cheap.
  • Turn off the lights in our house & open the blinds to let the sunshine in.
  • Unplug unused appliances.
  • Drink more water! Seriously- we buy a lot less soda & juice!
  • Rent movies instead of seeing them in the theatre! This can save you almost $20!
  • Wash/dry all my laundry at one time- my dryer will already be hot instead of needing to reheat.
  • Put the air/heat a little warmer/colder than we would like it- even 1* saves on electricity! We also use the Nest Thermostat which has saved us far more money than we spent on it!
  • Turn the water OFF while brushing teeth or scrubbing dishes! Every little bit helps.
  • For our baby- we use cloth diapers. No more buying disposables! This has been a huge money saver. You can find out more about saving money by using cloth diapers here.
  • Shop secondhand- especially in the summer I hit up the garage sales and look for clothes for the kiddos, toys, household appliances, and anything else we might need! If you have a good thrift store (which we don’t) you can try them too!
  • In the summer instead of using the dryer we hang out clothes on the line outside.
  • Participate in online survey companies.
  • Cancel extra bills like cable or extra phone lines. (this one is a toughy!)
  • Shop around for insurance rates. We just saved $800/year on our car insurance! (and no- it wasn’t with Geico!)
  • Cancel events that you just can’t afford. We had been planning on a vacation this year and (sadly!) we did have to cancel. As much as we really wanted to go- we just couldn’t afford it. It’s OK to do that- plan something fun that’s more cost effective or free that week!

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  1. We are also trying to survive a teacher's salary! Additionally, I think your blog is awesome and I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out!

  2. Living on Love and Cents says:

    I love to get produce at the 99cents store! You can get your Sunday paper woth coupons there too! 🙂 Thanks for joining us at Making Friends Monday! Have a great week! ~HEather

  3. 1grown2togo says:

    I started clipping coupons & saving every insert from the Sunday paper in an organized manner by month, date, I only cut the coupons out when I need them (so to save me time ) Plus organized my printed & cut coupons in a file folder by categories. I also buy 2-3 Sunday papers if the inserts are full of amazing coupons. I usually can get away with one day of shopping & only spending less than $60 a week (for $250+) rather than the $200 I was catching myself spend. You can see some of my savings in details by visiting my site.I love your site!! Found you on the Blog Hop ^~^

  4. The Frugal Navy Wife says:

    I too have sadly had to cancle vacations BUT i saw ia great tip in a book. You save up 'vacation' money and then plan you vacation off what the vacation money will cover. Whether it be a weekend trip to the beach or at a B&B an over night stay a few hours away or a week long cruise. this has been great advice for us.

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