Top 5 Tips on How to Be a Savvy Frugal Shopper – PLUS a Box Tops STEAL!!

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First I want to share with you real quick about my awesome Box Tops steal I snagged at the Dollar Tree yesterday!! I was SO excited!! I try to keep an eye out at my Dollar Tree because they purchase leftover items from other stores that are sometimes a steal! Yesterday I spotted these Old El Paso Hard and Soft Taco DOUBLE dinner kits – it came with enough hard and soft taco shells for TWO dinners, taco sauces, and TWO taco seasonings!! PLUS on each box there was FOUR Bonus Box Tops!! So I spent a total of $10 (no tax on food here), got $4 worth of Box Tops for my husband’s classroom, and walked away with 20 dinners worth of taco kits since each box has enough for 2 dinners!! WHOO!!! Now that’s what I call a STEAL!
How to be a Savvy Frugal Shopper

1. Be in the KNOW! 
So what exactly do I mean by that? Know what you’re shopping for and how much it normally costs you. For example, the deal I got above was a steal! But they also had the single taco dinner kits for $1 each which I can buy for cheaper than that at Publix with coupons. Some things actually cost me more at the dollar store. Don’t always assume that the “cheaper” stores have the cheapest price. I have found several items at my Publix that are cheaper than Walmart! When you see something that is a good deal grab it quick, and stock up!
2. Coupons don’t always mean the best savings.
This runs along with the first point. Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean that your item will be the cheapest – make sure to check the other brands and shop around!
3. Watch the sales….and the clearance!
This really should go without saying but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t actually ever look at their local grocery ads!! And the clearance racks – oh my! My husband always knows exactly where to find me in each store because I know all of the clearance areas! I’ll buy things for years in advance and save them knowing I’ve paid pennies for what it normally cost! (not to mention inflation!)
4. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend more.
HUH?! Yep – sometimes it’s worth it to spend more! I can think of several scenarios actually. One is healthier food. A lot of people buy the “cheap” junky food but in the long run which is the better investment? I’m not saying go out and buy overpriced healthy foods, but there are several items (mainly snacks!) that we have chosen as a family to stick on the healthier side. We buy pretzels instead of chips, natural poptarts instead of the sugary dyed ones, etc. The same principal works for eating out – we tend to choose Subway rather than McDonald’s. This principal holds true in many other areas than just food. Some household things are worth the bigger investment – you get what you pay for. If you’re going to buy the cheaper item twice as often as the more expensive item that will last longer than I would buy the more expensive item. For example, we never skimp on our vehicle care or purchasing a vehicle. That doesn’t mean we buy the most expensive item, but we most certainly do not buy the cheapest thing we see either! Some of our biggest household investments were our vacuum cleaner, our steam cleaner, winter jackets and shoes (if you’re not going to outgrow them), some furniture, etc.

5. Do Your Research!
If you’re purchasing non-food items check the prices online, and know what season during the year is the best time to buy things! We purchase a lot of our “big ticket” items during the Black Friday and holiday sales, as well as the end of the year when stores are selling out their model products to make room for new ones. About every January Target sells out almost all of their baby items and in August their toy section clears out too – this is the best time to look for those items there! August is the best time for “back to school” and office products. Bath and Body Works does a semi-annual sale after the holidays and in the fall where you can stock up and buy nice cheap hand soap. Utilize online ads and opt in for store emails to keep tabs on their annual store events. For grocery stores ask your store’s employees when their stock up day is, and when they tend to clear out and place things on clearance. 

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  1. AlexandraFunFit says:

    Excellent tips, every one! I especially love #4 about healthful eating. I've been known to stash stuff for years too! Great post.

  2. Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra says:

    I have often found better prices at the chain supermarket than big box stores. And our local thrift store has clothes that are higher priced than the Macy's at the mall. Crazy, eh? As you say, know your stuff! Kymberly

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