Teaching Kids How to Help Other Kids #DialCFK

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With the holiday season coming up I KNOW that as a blogger my kids have WAY too much stuff. And since they are used to our fabulous mail men (because we have several!) bringing us packages of wonderful things I ALSO want to make sure that they learn how to share these things with other kids. Last year during the holidays we took quite a few of our larger toys (play kitchen, cottage play house, etc.) and donated them to the kids friends who couldn’t afford Christmas that year. They got SO excited! At the beginning of the school year the kids helped us donate school supplies to their teachers. So when I saw an opportunity to work with Dial and Champions for Kids to donate soap to other kids I wanted in! Champions for Kids wants YOU to be 1 in a Million to reach 20 Million kids by 2020! #DialCFK

Sometime it’s SO much easier to shop by myself – with no kids – and put together items to be donated all by myself. But that really doesn’t teach my children much of anything! Especially since they probably wouldn’t even notice what I was doing. So I really want to get my kids involved in helping others out. So I make a big deal about how much they are helping and let them choose things in the process. While my little guy was in preschool I took my older son out on a shopping trip to buy Dial soap for our local school so that the students would stay healthier and keep the germs away.

We walked over to the soap aisle and I let him pick out whatever soap he wanted for the school. He’s the kind of boy who REALLY jumps on board so once he started pulling soap off of the shelf…..he just kept going!

I loved watching his enthusiasm! We all should have the enthusiasm to help others that my son has! The world really would be a different place. When his hands got full, he dumped them in the cart and went back for more! I want him to learn to give generously, so I try not to limit the giving too much. BUT……..

20 Bottles of Soap later I decided it was time to pull him out of the soap aisle!! 🙂 We were both happy knowing that we could provide soap for the entire school. In fact we could provide a couple of bottles of soap for every teacher in the entire school! 🙂 You’d be surprised at how quickly cleaning supplies add up in a school full of germy kids so I knew the Dial Hand Soap would be appreciated! Plus now my son goes to school knowing that he helped keep his friends healthy and germ free!

You can do the same thing! It’s SO easy to support the kids at your school and help keep them germ free! Just send an email or letter out to the parents in your kids classroom and ask them to join  you in a Simple Service Project. Ask everyone to bring 1 or 2 bottles of soap in and see how far the donation goes!

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