Remember that Great Scholastic Deal?

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Do you remember that great Scholastic sale where you could buy 50 books for $50 that I posted about the other week? VOILA!
My husband ordered one of the Grades 3-4 set of 50 books which we received very quickly and had no duplicate books in the box either. He is gifting one book to each student for Christmas, and keeping the other books in his classroom for his library.

Although I totally had to snitch the Magic School Bus series books!!! These are my favorite hard-core educational novels and my boys love them. I wanted to save these books for my boys when they get a bit older and can read at this level. He also had Judy Moody books, Bakugan, Ramona books, Animal Ark, and more!

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  1. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    The kids were very excited about the books. Several of them told me they were getting a book. 🙂 It's hard for mer to realize & remember that not all kids have lots of books at home. 😐

  2. The Teachers Wife says:

    I also don't even think twice that kids might not have books at home. I can't really fathom it I guess! I'm so glad they liked the books though – thanks for letting us know!

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