How to Save Money on Children’s Photography

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One way that we have saved a tremendous amount of money is by doing our own kids photography. As much as I would love to have professional pictures of my kids done, we simply cannot afford it. So when we found out baby #1 was on the way we used our tax return money and invested in a good Nikon digital camera with the intentions of never taking our kids to get their professional pictures done- that’s what I was there for!

If you don’t have a decent digital camera or can’t afford to buy one- ask around and see if you can borrow one for a few hours! When you get the pictures you want, there are TONS of free online photo editing sites where you can do anything to your pictures from changing the colors, adding borders, whatever you can possibly think of! Send them to Walgreens or Kodak Gallery and print them out in wallets, or even 8×10’s!

Tips for Taking Pictures Of Kids:

  • Don’t set a time to take their picture. Do it when they are in a happy mood and you have time to play.
  • Can’t get them to look at you? It’s ok! Put it in black & white and make it a profile shot.
  • Use props- let them have a flower to hold, an animal in the picture, a ball, a necklace, a brush, a pumpkin even! Use anything to keep them occupied and happy that you can incorporate in your photo.
  • Take pictures outside if possible- on a clear day but not too sunny.
  • If you take them inside, try to put up a solid colored blanket or old sheet for a neutral background.
  • Make it quick! Snap LOTS of pictures, you can delete what you don’t want later.

Here are a few pictures I took of my kids over the last few years to give you an idea of different poses, backgrounds, coloring, and effects that you can use!

I laid my son on an American flag for 4th of July and used an “antique” effect on the photo.
Simple black & white shot. He’s laying on a dark blanket.
Quick shot outside in our backyard.

Superimposed 3 pictures onto 1. This can get tricky!


Simple black & white. Sometimes it’s simply the memories that matter!

Plus get great ideas on Children’s Clothing here!

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    Great tips! If going to a workshops is in your budget, I highly recommend trying one. My mom & sister bought me a ticket to Click Workshop for Christmas; I went about 2 weeks ago. Not only was the workshop a great refresher course, but now I have access to professional photographers in a private forum.

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