Reading Roundup Game Review

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Reading Roundup, a game invented by Jill Gaynor and distributed by Educational Insights, is geared for children ages 4-7. This Earth-friendly game is printed on recycled paper and board. This brightly colored western-themed reading game teaches 25 key Kindergarten words. 

As with all of the other games invented by Jill Gaynor (Number Hunt and Woodsy Words) Reading Roundup has amazingly bright colors! I love her games as they immediately catch your eye! The game comes with the game board, 50 word cards, and 4 game pieces. I love that the game pieces even have a little holding place inside of the box! (you can see this below)

To play, each player is to receive 5 word cards, and they are to be played face up in front of you so that you can read them. Players then move through the game by following the lasso rope, and flipping over their cards when they land on a matching word on the board! But WATCH OUT! A few of the lasso ropes have a tricky bird on it – and when you come to those birds you can only move in one direction. Once you have successfully found all 5 words on your cards and flipped your cards over, and made it back home to your corner- you win! 

So what did we think? I loved the aesthetic appeal of this game- as did the rest of my family. My son has just turned 4 years old and although he can read most of the cards, he didn’t quite have the attention span for this game. So my husband took it into his 2nd grade classroom to test it out with them. His higher level kids loved the game and had to problems playing at all. His lower level kids were able to play, but did not understand the strategy in the game at all. They just aimlessly moved around from bubble to bubble. Overall it is a pretty nice game-just a little more complicated to understand. I personally recommend this for 2nd grade and up if you want the child to grasp the strategy behind the game. However the word cards are definitely right on for the younger readers so even younger elementary-aged children can certainly participate.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are mine. We received a game to play in order to complete this review.

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