Prepping Yourself for the Back to School Frenzy

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Spritz on those perfumes ladies – it’s time to get your game face on. Ok, maybe not exactly, but the back to school season brings such a frenzy that it’s hard to remember to take a moment for ourselves and slow down a little! Just two short months ago the summer started and I told myself I’d have more downtime, get to stay in my pj’s longer, read tons of books and have fun with my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had more “fun” time that I do during the school year, but it’s been SO incredibly busy. In fact my frenzy has already begun! Today I went shopping for school supplies, and tonight I’m spending the evening at the school for registration.

Here are a few tips to prepare yourself for the back to school frenzy:

  • Get a calendar –  you’ll make your life SO much easier! You’ll be able to keep track of important dates and appointments and be able to see them at a quick glance. You’ll also easily be able to see your schedule so that you don’t overbook yourself either.
  • Make an appointment for fun with your kids. Seriously – write it down on the calendar! Plan to take your kids on a picnic, fishing, bowling, to a movie, or whatever else your family enjoys doing. Then leave your phone turned off so no one can bother you!
  • Make a dinner or coffee date with your friends and get dressed up. Can’t afford to get all dressed up? There are plenty of discount fragrances, thrift stores, and other secondhand places both online and in-stores to save money for a much needed night out!
  • Don’t have time to shop for the best back to school deals? Plan a school supply shopping trip at one store in the end of July when the sales are the best. Get everything at one time instead of shopping a little bit every week. You’ll be all completed in one trip and won’t be stressing over watching ads and store hopping.
  • Keep a list on your fridge. Dedicate a sheet of paper to a “to-do list” and as papers come up to fill out and things to do pop in your head just jot them down on your list so you won’t forget them!

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