FREE SketchUp Pro License for Educators & Homeschoolers

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Unfortunately educators AND homeschoolers can no longer get a FREE 1 year license for SketchUp Pro – but the license per year is only $55 so would be worth it if you use it a lot! There are also premium architectural versions as well if you teach at higher levels.

It is available in the US, Canada, AND other worldwide locations. Valid for Mac AND PC versions. This is a 3D building software. To qualify you will be required to provide academic proof before obtaining your license. 

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  1. I am the State of South Carolina administrator for the Sketch Up Pro Grant program. I have my first HomeSchool question. I do not want to invalidate the licensing we recieve and would like to verify that as long as I am provided with one of the three documents listed on the HomeSchool spreadsheet that I am allowed to provide the license keys to this person. Is that correct?

  2. robert spriggs says:

    Sketchup no longer provides a free license to educators. According to the Trimble license representative, they stop doing this on the 1st of Jun 2020. Educator licenses are not $55 / yr

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