Office Depot Office Max Back to School Sales Week 7/27-8/2

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$.01 (w/$5 min. purchase) – 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks (limit 3)
$.25 – Office Depot (12 pk) / OfficeMax (24 pk) Mechanical Pencils (limit 3)
$.25 – ALL PaperMate Ink Joy Single Pens (limit 5)
$.50 – 2 Pocket Plastic FOlders (limit 3)

$1 – $1.99 DEALS

$1 – Notebook 3 Hole Punch (limit 3)
$1 – 4 Pk EXPO Dry Eraser Markers (limit 3)
$1 – Scotch Magic Tape
$1 – BIC Round Stic Grip Pens 12 pk
$1 – Antibacterial Hand Soap
$1 – Scotch Putty

$2 – $2.99 DEALS

$2 – Elmer’s 8 pk Glue Sticks
$2 – Prang Watercolor Paint
$2 – 10 pk Trading Card Binder Sheets

$3 – $3.99 DEALS

$3 – Crayola 64 ct crayons
$3 – Poly Expanding Files

$4 – $4.99 DEALS

$4 – Ticonderoga 24 pk Pencils


Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Avery Dividers
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE ALL Expo Dry Erase Markers & Accessory Kits
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE ALL Sharpie Permanent Marker Multipacks
50% OFF all Reebok Backpacks
25% OFF all Locker Accessories
25% OFF all Lunch Totes and Lunch Accessories

Make sure to check the ads and deals for your local store at!

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  1. Theresa Downs says:

    If you show office Depot proof of being a teacher, you can get three times the limit!

  2. There is no limit at Office Depot/Ma

  3. Ashley Vorndran says:

    I haven’t been able to find the expo markers at either store for $1.00. Has anyone found them???

  4. It must be a local thing. I am in Vegas and we have a different ad. I looked up a midwest zip code and it was different then mine. 🙁 I wanted the markers, the notebooks, and the pencils.

    1. Yes it seems the past 2 weeks they have had some regional sales for the midwest!! Such a bummer for everyone else! I’m hoping they rotate them into your ads soon!

  5. None of these items applied in Fl. We have a different sales ad.

  6. My friend sent me a screen shot of the ad. Even though my local Office Depot didn’t have it, they honored it with the limit of 3. I also used it at Walmart and was able to get them for $1 because they price match.

    1. can you post the screen shot so I can try to get the price match because my OD didn’t have these prices for the .25 items. which area has these prices and maybe I can google the ad???

  7. Wrong ad for California. When in looking for mechanical pencils and ink joys pens. An employee and when around looking for the deals. Then we looked at the ad. I guess different states different ads

  8. My store won’t give teachers triple the amount. They keep saying they changed the policy nation wide….but i keep asking every time i go in…just in case 😉

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