Office Depot Office Max Back to School Sales Week 7/13-7/19

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penny folders

1 Penny Deals w/$5 Purchase 

Office Depot Brand & OfficeMax Brand 2-Pocket Folders


$.25 – 4 Pk Scholastic & Office Max Glue Sticks (limit 3)
$.25 – 5″ Scissors (limit 3)
$.25 – SINGLE Sharpie Permanent Markers (limit 10)
$.25 – Scholastic Crayons 24 pk (limit 3)

$1- $1.99

$1 – Post-it Super Sticky Die Cut Notes
$1 – Notebook 3 Hole Punch
$1 – 1 Subject Notebooks
$1 – Office Depot 12 pk Eraser Caps or OfficeMax 25 ct Eraser Caps
$1 – 12 pk #2 Pencils

$4 – $4.99

$4 – School Copy Paper (plus 50% back in rewards)

$5 – $10

$6 – Office Depot 12 pk Mechanical Pencils or OfficeMax 24 pk Mechanical Pencils
$10 – Stanley Bostitch Electric Pencil Sharpener


50% OFF Backpacks

TIP – Many stores will allow you to purchase a $5 gift card for the penny deals “minimum” purchase! Save them up for when you need supplies later in the year! Also if you’re a teacher make sure to ask your local manager if they will extend the limit for you – this is very store dependant!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Sharpie 12 packs yesterday from Staples. They sold out pretty fast but I showed the ad to the guy at Office Max and he matched it! $1.50 per pack. Also, he said their official policy on the limits for teachers that have the reward card is triple so I was able to get 9 packs of 25 cap erasers! Score!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. I love this site since they do not usually have a flyer in the paper and I no longer get one online. But, I have a question. I have an Office Max card, with which I always got rewards (free money) to use the next quarter. Since it is now Office Depot I no longer get those savings. Has that been permanently discontinued? Do you know? Thank you, Cecile Henderson [email protected]

  3. Stacey McQueen says:


  4. Stacey McQueen says:


  5. Jessica Conklin says:

    I went to three different office max and the same question each time and was the same answer. They do not let teachers go past the limit anymore due to the fact that they are now part of office depot and office Depot does not allow it. Needless to say I worked around and got the 250 gets I needed by going with friends and family to the stores and gave everyone 10 dollars to spend. I also sent to staples who price matches. I will be doing the same thing when it comes time for me to get notebooks.

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