Make a Glow in the Dark Comet

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Play catch at night with these neat glow in the dark comet!
Materials Needed:
Tennis ball
Plastic shopping bag
Clear tape
Glow in the dark plastic lacing

1. Lay your plastic shopping bag flat on a table. Cut off the handles, then cut down the sides of the bag. Place a tennis ball in the bottom middle of the bag, and tie it together using your clear tape. Make sure it’s secure.

2. Take your glow in the dark lacing (at least several feet) and attach it to the neck of the comet where you taped. Wrap around the neck several times, tape, then continue to wrap the lacing around the head of the comet making sure its secure. You can attach a piece of clear tape around the head of the comet to make sure the lacing won’t slip.

3. Attach ribbons and extra lacing as desired by taping it around the neck of the comet letting it stream behind.

Now go have fun!!

Idea courtesy of Family Fun.

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