Make a Difference Monday – Donors Choose Link-up

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Donors Choose – Make a Difference Monday

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I’ve teamed up with my good friend at Fun Finds for Families to bring you Make a Difference Monday, a weekly link-up featuring classroom projects at Donors Choose, in the hopes that together we can help some students out.

Sometimes these classes just need help with the basics. Sometimes they’re dreaming even bigger.

Each week we’ll feature a few current classroom projects on Donors Choose. Then we’ll offer the opportunity for you to share YOUR projects below so that everyone can see what your students are working on!

You don’t need to be a teacher to participate, either. Submit your own child’s classroom project or just one that inspires you.

And if you happen across one project that speaks to you more than others? Well, maybe we can get a project or two funded!



Here’s how Donors Choose works:

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Donors Choose. Then you browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose will deliver the materials to the school.

The Donors Choose projects

The More Movies You Make the More Memory You Need – Kansas City, KS – Only $55 to go!

From the description: While theater takes only an actor and a stage, a lack of technology stands in the way of students who want to make films. Performers take to the medium of digital film making quickly and adeptly. The limit to their creativity is only the storage it takes to create. With these 4 memory cards each class will have their own 16GB of storage and will be free to make their vision a reality


Friendship Through the Lens – Autism in General Education – New York, NY

From the description: We all want friends. Every child, no matter how young, wants to make friends. Children with Autism are no different. They just need help developing the skills to make friends, be a friend and stay a friend. I have found that when my kids use a camera to take pictures of classmates, teachers, school staff and favorite places in school, it seems to open that door for them. The other children are interested in what they are doing and start conversations about the project. Often it becomes a class project and everyone is taking pictures. One of my boys has the children make a poster to hold up in the picture that says his name, his age and what his favorite toy is. It’s a wonderful thing to watch! These books become a lifeline to friendship for my children.

Your Donors Choose Projects

And now it’s your turn to share! Share a link to the Donors Choose projects that interest and inspire you. Include the project request, state and grade level.

Example: Solar Project Set – FL – 2nd Grade 

 *Right now, use Donors Choose code CHASE to double your donation (up to $50), if you decide to donate!

Share with your friends!

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