Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

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What exactly is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime gives you FREE 2 day shipping on millions of items on Amazon. Pretty much anything I’ve ever bought or wanted to buy on Amazon is eligible for Prime. There is NO minimum order size, which means you can buy something for $1.50 and as long as it’s “Prime eligible” then you pay NO shipping! Plus you get FREE instant streaming for thousands of different movies and TV shows. In addition to that you can borrow FREE Kindle books that are Prime eligible, one at a time. The membership cost $79 a year (although right now you can get a FREE trial!)

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Before we bought Amazon Prime (quite by accident, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute!) I wasn’t sure that I would really want to pay $79 per year to have Prime member benefits. I mean, although we order on Amazon frequently I always tried to figure out what to buy to get over that “FREE shipping with $25+ order”. The only problem is that I started noticing I was missing those “hot buy it QUICK!” deals that Amazon is known for simply because I didn’t want to put together a $25+ order to get the free shipping. Especially around the holidays and the back to school season.

Earlier in the year they were offering a FREE trial so I signed up knowing that my kids birthdays were around the corner and I REALLY wanted the free 2 day shipping……except that I completely forgot to cancel it. When I saw the $79 on my credit card I realized that I had forgotten to cancel it….but it was OK. I know we had talked about trying it out for a year so I figured I might as well see if it was worth it! We’ve been members of Amazon Prime for almost 7 months now and for us we have decided that it is worth it. I no longer feel like I HAVE to have more than $25 on each order, and if there is something we need QUICK my orders come within 2 days. I’ve been ordering our toilet paper on Amazon for over a year now since the deals are so good as well as some things for our new pets and any other random household thing we run out of and need right away that is on sale. Not to mention the HOT quick holiday sales that I save so much money on!

The shipping for us is the biggest benefit but we have also noticed that there are a LOT of things on the instant streaming that our Netflix does not offer us!

SO if you tend to buy on Amazon at least a couple of times a year and find yourself either paying for shipping or trying to get over the $25 order limit to get the free shipping, you might benefit from Amazon Prime too! I know we will be renewing it next year when our membership expires! If you almost never buy from Amazon then it would not be worth the membership fee for you.

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