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  1. Ms. Germann says:

    Thank you for a free brain challenging classic game for our indoor recess and math stations.

  2. Mandy Sapp says:

    I would live to share this with my students! How exciting!

  3. Kristin Regalski says:

    Thanks! Loved this game as a kid!

  4. Brian Froehlich says:

    We have had a great response on this offer, Thanks! We want everyone to know that the game is being used as part of a Free Program for teachers to use in the classroom – The MASTERMIND Brainstwister Challenge.

    By Kids For Kids (BKFK) is teaming up with Pressman Toy Corp. to bring you this program for kids 7-12 to strengthen critical thinking skills and become eligible to win great prizes by creating their own unique braintwister! Follow the link above to learn more or visit

    To learn about other great BKFK programs including the Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge, visit and sign up today!

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