Hess Collectible Trucks

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Did you know that the Hess Gas Stations put out collectible trucks every year? I didn’t either- till the year my son was born, and his grandma started buying him one every year. Every year 1 new Hess truck is released right around Thanksgiving time- and they usually sell out within a week or 2- they go QUICK! They are really neat too- Hess spends a year developing 1 toy, and they make it perfect! Usually the trucks have flashing lights, dump trucks automatically dump loads, motorcycles run, trucks make noise- they are really awesome. These are “THE toy” to play with at my house. Whenever my son’s friends come over they head straight for his Hess trucks.
 I’m so excited- I just saw the new Hess truck for the year- it’s a 14 wheeler semi truck with a detachable jet plane.
These trucks actually sell for $30+ online!
 Here are the other trucks that my son has received since he was born-
The small car actually fits inside the big car- it’s top pops open. Lights run, makes noises, and the little car is a pull & go.


This was a really awesome set. The small tractor lights up, and the dump truck actually can dump the tractor out the back end so it rolls perfectly out- very sweet.


This was my son’s first Hess truck when he was about 8 months old. The little motorcycles fit in the back of the green truck, and are pull & go. They also light up! The green truck makes noises & lights up. One of the kids favorites.
You can visit Hess Trucks site to see the past Hess trucks that have been released! They have been releasing these awesome trucks since 1964!! They are really neat to look through.

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    My boys love these trucks! Especially the ones with detachable smaller trucks/ planes, etc…

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