Gallium- An Awesome/Unique Gift for Science Geek!

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Gallium- the gift you can buy for “someone who has everything”. This is so cool and I have definitely not met anyone who has it! If you hold a solid gallium crystal in your hand, your body heat will cause it to slowly melt into a silvery metallic puddle. Pour it into a dish, and it freezes back into a solid. It’s non-toxic too! It’s a metal which in it’s elemental form is not found in nature. Used as a semi-conductor, gallium is a unique ‘liquid’ to play with and would certainly entertain your scientific-minded friends! You can actually buy it on Amazon!

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  1. This would be a perfect gift for my Beau for Father's Day this year!!! AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

  2. SavingsInSeconds says:

    Okay, that is just too cool. I would say that I wanted to get it for my brother in law's birthday, but I really want it for me too!

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