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This is a guest post by my hubby- “The Teacher”.
As an educator I have always found it frustrating to have students enter your room and stagnate because of your personality or teaching style. I have also found it frustrating to allow myself to tutor for people I know or for people who refereed me to them. Well if you find these things frustrating and want to find a way to find a tutor, or for you as a tutor, coach, or mentor to find a student who will work well with you then Kidzmet is the place.
 Kidzmet is a service that allows potential teachers to connect better with new and potential students. Teachers can preview students information via a introduction email. You can view a sample student introduction email here. This service is totally free for students and parents. If you are a coach, teacher, or mentor it only costs a annual fee. How it works is simple. As a teacher, create a personal informational page, a personality bio and your teaching style. Then list what you are wiling to tutor, coach, or mentor for.
Next you can choose students who have been matched perfectly with your teaching and personality or you can wait for students to choose you based on their match from entering their own learning styles and personality. Kidzmet has taken the surprise out of finding a coach, tutor, or mentor.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% ours.

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