Creating a Bike Path Maze for Kids

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We are very fortunate to have a good sized driveway and pretty warm weather year around to go outside and let the kids bike (aka – pedal) in the driveway! My husband came up with this great idea to build the kids a maze or “trail” for the kids to follow on the driveway! All you need is a big fat piece of chalk!
Decide your starting place, write the word “Start”, and draw two lines far enough apart that your kids can pedal their bikes inside the maze. Our kids are younger so we also included arrows along the “path” so they knew which way they were supposed to go.

Not only does this help your kiddos with key developmental motor skills but it also teaches them how to look carefully at directions and how to follow them.

We started our “bike path” off straight, then there was a cross section, and the last part of the bike path was this difficult curvy windy trail for them to stay inside of on their way back to the ending place.

Although my boys were able to go through the maze at diffferent speeds even my 2 year old (who does ride his bike) had no problems maneuvering through the maze and following the arrows which determined the path he took.
This is just really a fun way to change things up a bit! Instead of our kids just randomly biking in circles it now redirected them to a path with which they follower religiously!

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