DIY Chalkboard Decor – a DIY Guest Post by Sweet Mints

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I found this GREAT project that Sweet Mint Studios posted which she was willing to share here as well! She has a beautiful site where she shares her DIY projects and other inexpensive ways to redecorate your house! She is amazingly creative and has the most beautiful things to share! She also has 3 different Etsy shops where she sells her projects!

This was my first experience using chalkboard paint and I have to tell you… I completely understand why other DIYers have started painting everything with chalkboard paint. It covers so easily and is such an inspiring finish. I thought it would be fun to have a few chalkboards in our kitchen, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  So, I looked around our house to see what I could find to paint.  I came up with this ceramic metal-looking candle tray
one lone shabby chic plate charger
and this ugly decoration that my mom found at a yard sale (She knew it was ugly when she bought it.  She recognized it had pretty lines and knew that we could make something with it).
I lightly sanded them with a fine grit sanding paper and then just brushed on the chalkboard paint.  Once it dried, I hung them on our kitchen wall… and presto… a message center!
And now, of course, I’m looking around the house with new eyes… What else could I paint with this stuff???
Buy chalkboard paint for about $14 on Amazon or your local hardware retailer.
Love this idea? Make sure you check out Sweet Mint Studios– she has many other beautiful simple ideas like this one!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The paint only comes in quart size and at Lowe's it is $14.97.

  2. (JC)Squared says:

    Found Chalk spray paint today for 3.97 at Wal-Mart

  3. I love this! I am going to go look for something to paint 🙂

  4. Crayons and Curls says:

    Wow! I tried chalkboard paint and it didn't turn out too well! I am going to try again! Thanks for the idea! 🙂
    Crayons and Curls

  5. Love!!! I use chalkboard spray paint too but I don't know that I like it that much. I will try chalkboard paint. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Miss Kindergarten
    My Fabulous Finds

  6. Hello, I love your chalkboard plates and sign. I love how you have hung with them with ribbon. It really adds a nice touch! I hope it's okay, I've featured your pretty chalkboards in a round-up along with some other clever chalkboard paint projects. You can see it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Why not put photos inside

  8. Melissa H. says:

    I Love this! Im going to try it and add photos inside and put the names and dates around the photo with chalk! Thanks for the idea!

  9. What did u put on the back of the plates to hang them?

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