Can you Save Money on Car Insurance with Snapshot from Progressive??

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I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of commercials on TV on how to save car insurance – but Progressive’s new Snapshot program is by far the most interesting one I’ve seen yet. Since we’re ALWAYS looking for ways to save money I decided to join the Snapshot Test Drive program to see if Progressive really could save me money. Our car insurance is extremely reasonable, but the program is free and you really don’t have to do much of anything so I figured it was worth a shot! Have you heard of this program?

Basically you head over to Progressive and fill out their info to see if you are eligible. Most states are eligible and most cars that are newer than 1996 are eligible. From what I understand they will send you a free device to use for 30 days that you plug into your car. (There is a $50 fee if you do not return the free device.) It will record things like the time of day you drive, how fast your drive, etc. and then calculate how safe of a driver you are. You can sign each car you drive up for this program.

You do NOT have to have Progressive Insurance to try out their Snapshot program! It’s open to everyone who meets their eligibility requirements! Check this out – you can even log into your account to check your progress!

Now I haven’t received my device yet so my account doesn’t show any data but I’ll share updates with you as I go through the program so that you can decide whether it’s worth it for you to try too! I’ll post pictures so you can better understand the program too. I would LOVE to see some of my readers try it out – if you can save money it will be worth it! If you don’t save any money on your insurance you haven’t lost out on anything! Plus it gives you good driver tips on your account so you can implement them throughout your 30 days of using Snapshot (and beyond of course). Here’s a (slightly annoying) video from Flo about the Snapshot program so you can see what it looks like.

SOOOOO stay tuned to see what I learn this next month! Now you guys know I’m moving so we aren’t in our normal routine of driving but I’m still really curious about the program!!

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