Big Event Fundraising- Unique Program Ideas for Schools

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One thing that all schools participate in are fundraisers. Whether it’s selling chocolate, wrapping paper, or nut tins many parents groan when the fundraiser papers start rolling in. And many school personnel groan because of the little amount of work the students put into the fundraisers. Not to mention all of the shuffling papers and product that is involved!  I found out about Big Events Fundraising and they really have quite an extensive list of products offering MANY different options based on your school’s needs! For example, here are a few of the different types of prize programs that they offer:
  • Super Party
  • Super Splash Party
  • Magic Show
  • Reptile Adventures
  • Traditional Prize Programs
Programs like you see above are a great way to motivate students to promote their fundraiser sales, which in turn raises more money for your school. Offering fundraising packages that include the Super Party, Super Splash Party, Magic Show, and Reptile Adventures make it incredibly fun for the kids, as well as more effective for the schools as well. If the students are excited about selling something for their fundraiser, they are likely to make more money.
You can actually watch a video which explains more about the magic show which I thought looked really fun! If I had a magician come to my school it would have been a blast! And the Reptile Adventures show is very educational- the kids can actually touch some of the reptiles, and will be learning about the different types of reptiles as well! It’s a science lesson and fundraiser prize all in one!
Once a school signs up to begin a fundraiser with Big Event Fundraising they will receive individual school fundraising packets for each student and a school fundraising kickoff supply kit. Big Event Fundraising actually does all of the work for prep! These fundraisers are not only for schools (preschool through high school!) but also for any other types of organizations. 
Schools can actually choose from several different brochures to sell with which I think is a great idea. That way everyone can sell what they want to and not get stuck with something they do not like. There is NO minimum amount for a school to place an order, AND you also have access to their online store as well! I definitely prefer the online store because then I can order it myself and I don’t have to worry about exchanging money!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and I think these fundraisers are a great idea!

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