Back to School Shopping 2014 TAX FREE LIST by State – USA

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back to school tax free shopping

The Back to School shopping season is here and I’ve put together a list of 2014  TAX FREE shopping dates by state in the USA! You can visit the tax admin site to find out exactly what’s on your state’s tax free list and whether it includes clothes, supplies, computers, etc.!

ALABAMA  – August 1-3
ARKANSAS – August 2-3
CONNECTICUT – August 17-23
– August 1-3
GEORGIA – August 1-2
IOWA – August 1-2
MARYLAND – August 10-16
MISSISSIPPI – July 25-26
MISSOURI – August 1-3
NEW MEXICO – August 1-3
OKLAHOMA – August 1-3
TENNESSEE – August 1-3
TEXAS – August 8-10
VIRGINIA – August 1-3

ALSO Here’s a quick graphic I made for you if you want to just PIN this for easy reference!

back to school tax free shopping infographic


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  1. Angie Meeks says:

    North Carolina’s tax free weekend is August 1-3 also. 🙂

    1. The lovely lawmakers of NC repealed that law effective July. 1, 2014. No more tax free weekends in NC!

    2. North Carolina repealed its tax free weekend. We no longer have it.

  2. What about Arizona? Thank you!

  3. Lisa baugh says:

    What about Indiana?

  4. Marianna Lugo-Molina says:

    Arizona is not listed under the tax free school supplies.

  5. Jill Welsh says:

    Could you please put PA on the list.

  6. Kelley Burkett says:

    This is awesome! I’ve never heard of this before. No surprise that my state California isn’t listed is that because there isn’t a tax free time to shop?

  7. Does this work for online shopping?

  8. Michelle Henderson says:


  9. Susan Wigsmoen says:

    Thanks for posting this! But, what about Illinois?

  10. I guess not every state has a tax-free shopping day. I don’t see Ohio on the list.

  11. Jennifer Rozean says:


  12. I live in Arizona and I don’t believe we have a tax free day. Never heard of it. It’s a big deal in Texas. My kids don’t have kids and they do a lot of clothes shopping that weekend.

  13. Allison Nata says:

    Louisiana’s website says that our Tax Free Holiday will be August 1st and 2nd.

  14. Kari Rodarmel says:


  15. Any info for MN? Thx

  16. California?

  17. Don’t see Louisiana???

  18. North Dakota

  19. janet perritano says:

    what about NY??

  20. Wisconsin is not listed. Is there a day or weekend in my state.

  21. Rosemary DeSimone says:

    What about New Jersey? : )

  22. What about NY? Fingers crossed that we have a day too lol!

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