Will Our Boat Float??? You Tell Me!

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My son wanted to build a boat over the weekend, so my husband came up with a fabulous idea! He built a boat frame out of popsicle craft sticks, and had the kids spend the afternoon gathering sticks outside in the yard. The with the help of our oldest we spent the weekend glueing the sticks onto the frame of the boat. I’ve just finished! I left the top open so we can put some toys or stuff animals in there as we set sail!

We made sure to put plenty of sticks on the bottom of the boat. So do you think it will float?? I DO! When my husband comes home tonight we’re going to test out our boat. I’ll take more pictures too!

There’s plenty of room on the inside to put some toys. This was a VERY simple craft for older kids to do but VERY time consuming as you can imagine!! We spent hours making this boat. We used a hot glue gun to attach the sticks together so make sure your children use caution since those things can burn!

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