Watch a Plant Soak Water Into Its Roots! Simple Science Experiment

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An Extremely Simple Science Experiment that you can do with even the youngest of children is the Celery Roots Experiment! Explain to your child how plants need water to grow. How does a plant get water? From the roots! (simply put!) So how do you know that?
Put several drops of food coloring (blue works well!) into a glass of water. Cut the bottom off of a stalk of celery, and place the celery into the glass of water. Explain to your child that the celery is thirsty and will drink the water…..let it sit there for about 12 hours (overnight is easiest!) then take a look at your celery.
Does it look any different? Now cut your celery about an inch from the bottom- it will be dyed blue! Keep cutting up another inch- is it still blue? Explain to your child that the celery was ‘drinking’ the blue water from the glass and show them the blue dye in the middle of the celery stalk!
Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of a finished experiment because I do not have any celery currently at my house to experiment with!!

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