Teachers are RICH…..Make the MOST of it!

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teachers are rich

You may say that teachers are RICH financially….and I’ll be the first to admit, some are. We have family members making 6 figures a year as high school teachers (teaching for only a decade!). But I can guarantee you that this is the exception, not the rule. In fact I know of countless teaching families, ours included, that qualify for varying types of government assistance. But I can tell you that I know at least one area where teachers are rich…………..

……teachers are rich in the things that matter!

You’re right, we need money to live on, but when it all boils down – money isn’t the most important thing. Even if it causes us the most stress each month! You may have 20 students in your class that could care less you are working your butt off to try and help them – but it makes all the difference in the world when that one student pipes up and says they want to be a teacher just like you because they’ve learned so much. You may stress out every month when the bills begin to roll in, but when you see your children applying the things that you’ve taught them and the light clicks on for them – you know you’ve done your job.

As frustrating, crazy, irritating, loving, and proud as your students make you – EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will go on to influence someone else in life…..whether good or bad – or both! Are you teaching them that it’s OK to give up on the hard ones and focus on the easy ones? Or are you teaching them to fight back and give it everything you’ve got – even when everyone else has given up. Are you teaching them that there is more to life than the rules we may be bound by, or are you teaching them skills to help them successfully maneuver through those rules and be brilliant at what they do.

Teacher Inspiration

Teachers, hold your head up high! Your income does not reflect your worth nor does it reflect the priceless opportunities that you have each and every day.

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