Some Serious Sensory Fun!

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After talking to an OT she suggested getting our son some clay to play with. We have Play-Doh and Moon Sand, but we don’t have clay- so we took off to Walmart the other day to buy some. Do you know how ridiculous it is to find clay?! I couldn’t believe it!! Other than an over-priced RoseArt clay kit that was very small, the only other clay we could find was this Crayola Air Dry TerraCotta Clay! That was the ONLY clay we could find in the WHOLE store! We checked the art/craft area, as well as the kids coloring area & the stationary area!

Anyways, other than the obvious downside of staining my son’s hands & shirt (which did wash out later)- it was a lot of fun! We found this tub of clay on clearance for $4. My son enjoyed it because not only did the clay look messy as it rubbed off on his hands & everything around him, but he loved the extra sensory input from how stiff the clay was. You could mold it the same as Play-Doh but it was MUCH stiffer! And of course we couldn’t just pull out a small amount- we had to pull out the ENTIRE bucket.
But it was definitely worth it. He begged us to pack it in our suitcases when we flew to Chicago last week (which we did not!). He loved pulling it out of the bucket, squeezing it, pounding it, squishing it, molding it, smelling it, and knowing that he could later beg us to take out the messy clay again! We haven’t had a chance to yet, but we are going to make our own bowls out of the clay, and air dry them for 4 days till they harden. They will make great little gifts to teachers and grandparents, and my son can have the proud satisfaction that he made them himself!

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