Snap Circuits Sale – Our All Time Favorite Electrical Kit!!

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If you’ve never heard of Snap Circuits or tried them out for yourself I cannot recommend them enough! These have to be our all time absolute favorite electrical building kits for 4-10+ yrs. old! My son is 4 years old and can do most of them by himself although  I believe they are geared for slightly older kids. LOVE LOVE LOVE these kits!! My sister bought the above FM Radio kit for my son last year for Christmas. It comes with a few numbered pieces with diagrams of which numbers to attach where, and VOILA – you have a REALY working radio that the kids can listen to! I love it because it puts science in the hands of kids. And intriguing inspiration too. For my four year old to know that HE can put together a radio all by himself and it PLAYS….that is an inspiration and motivation you can’t buy! This specific FM Radio kit is on a great sale on Amazon right now for $16.09.
Another smaller kit that my son absolutely loves and spends hours playing with is the Snap Circuits Flying Saucer kit (on sale for $10.59). It’s a simple kit to put together and when you turn the motor switch on you can make a small propeller fly into the air! Boys think this is the coolest thing for some reason!
I have never worked with Snap Circuits before but I highly recommend these. We have had several different kits (they make much larger ones with up to 300 experiments in them!) for years now and they work perfectly. Great quality and they don’t break. These are great for your little engineers.

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