Planting a Veggie Garden – Start Seeds Indoors CHEAP!

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Since we’ve moved from Florida to Iowa I was thrilled again with the prospect of getting a vegetable garden growing!

Although it is not the best time to plant most things I have started my herbs/spices since I can bring them indoors in the winter, and I’ve been on the hunt for inexpensive veggies seeds to plant in the spring.

Because of the snow and freeze in the winter here I will be startling most of my seeds indoors. Instead of purchasing big gardening pots I’ve found several cheaper ways to get ready for the winter and planting seedlings indoors.

First I needed seeds! Our Dollar General had their seeds cheap AND clearanced down even further so I picked them up for 17 cents each. You have find potting soil just about anywhere for roughly $1 a bag. Now there are 2 options for planting containers.

I found those awesome large and long containers at the Dollar Tree for just $1 each – I LOVE t hem!  BUT they do take quite a bit more soil. I also have old ice cube trays that had small cracks in them and wouldn’t hold water so I also use those as very basic seed starter pots too!

Your plants won’t grow long in them but it is definitely enough to get you started! You can find ice cube trays in packs of 2 or 4 at the Dollar Tree which definitely makes them the most cost effective option.

Not only do you use a lot less soil but they are cheaper and can hold more plants.

*Note – if you are planning on starting seeds indoors during the winter time I suggest growing them in your basement or a warm room with a warm grow light overhead. Pick up an old cheap table off the side of the road or at a thrift shop to designate your pots for.

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