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As you know, we are surviving on a teacher’s salary, which means we are constantly looking to save every penny we can. One thing that helps us to accomplish this- especially for birthdays, Christmas, and vacation are daily deal sites. There are SO many out there! So which ones do you check? I am going to tell you about the few that I check and why. Let me know if you love a daily deal site – chances are- I’d be interested in checking it out too!!
Zulily Right now this is my all time favorite site to check. They have 40+ sales rotating every 2-3 days so there is always something new. There is almost always something educational, as well as kids clothes, toys, home decor, kids furniture, shoes, maternity, mom stuff, etc. They have a huge amount of sales that are VERY easy to navigate through! I usually love their educational selection, and I love that they have sales for mom too. You can find designer children’s clothes for a great price, as well as maternity clothes and sh! even lingerie sometimes! I have also seen higher priced items like bikes and cribs as well.
Totsy- This is quickly becoming my second favorite site. It is very similar to Zulily, although on a slightly smaller scale. It has grown quite a bit since I started visiting though. They include all of the same type of sales that Zulily does, but I have also started seeing Travel Deals popping up! If you’re looking for a last minute vacation- this is a good place to see if there are deals going on!
Living Social– I like to keep an eye out here for a few reasons. They have a lot of local deals. Anything from restaurants, hotels, rock climbing, photography, massage, classes, etc. Just about anything can be found here if you look around. This is great for traveling to save money on your trip too! One of my favorite things is that I love drooling over their adventures and travel section. If you are looking for a vacation and can purchase their packages- you can find some amazing deals. A few weeks back I found a deal in Hawaii for 75% off at a luxury hotel- it was incredible! We seriously talked about it!! I have found everything from secluded islands, European tours, white water rafting, bed and breakfast and all sorts of other amazing destinations!
Groupon- Groupon is similar to Living Social. They have a lot of local deals which is great again for saving money on vacation or entertainment in your own area. I know our area has a lot of deals for our local theatre, and restaurants that we’ve never even heard of! I’ve also seen art classes, eye glasses, clothes stores, gourmet food sites, and more! Occasionally I check out Groupon- especially if we’re looking to do something out of the ordinary or are planning on traveling!
There are many few others (you can check out my right side bar) but these are my top favorites. We have been able to grab some amazing deals by watching these sites! Just a few items we’ve purchased from the above sites are princess dress up outfits for half off, designer pedal cars for kids, phonics games for my husband’s classrooms, gourmet nut store, National Geographic subscriptions, Ranger Rick subscriptions, gift certificates to Baskin Robbins, Old Navy, Target, GAP, hotel stays and more! They have really helped us save a tremendous amount of money, especially around the holiday season! If you are planning any sort of traveling- even if just for a weekend I highly suggest signing up at these sites and checking what they have to offer! I’m expecting to see some nice deals rolling around once school starts up so I’ll be keeping an eye on them and I’ll let you know!

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