How is Your School Doing with their Box Tops Collection?

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For our school I have decided to collect our Box Tops once a month on pay day and then record the amount of Box Tops each teacher turns in. Did your school make any Box Tops announcements for August? Since it was so close to school starting it was hard to round everything up but we had 3 teachers turn in Box Tops for a grand total of 625 Box Tops!! That’s $62.50 going towards classroom supplies – in just the first 2 weeks of school! I was very excited about this since it is my first year as Box Tops coordinator. And I know many of the teachers have Box Tops that they did not turn in yet as well. Many thanks to the readers here who have donated their Box Tops to my husband’s school – I will let you know what he is saving up for once he tells me! I do know that he will be using some of his money to help with field trip expenses.
I have some really exciting ideas for our school program this year which includes the Box Tops Fairy. Since I have 3 children at home with me it is near impossible to actually show up at school during the day to get the kids excited about Box Tops – so I have designed the “Box Tops Fairy” story. Every month the Box Tops Fairy will write a message for the classroom with the highest earnings that they have a surprise coming their way (this month will be popsicles). The Box Tops Fairy will come after school and leave presents in the room for the class, as well as a special prize for the teacher and a special present for one random child (all thanks to products I’ve reviewed here on my blog!). Fun huh? Now I just need to come up with a cute design!

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