Giving ROCKS for Christmas?

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Who gives ROCKS for Christmas? I do!!


My son has had this obsession with rocks since he started walking – not even kidding! He keeps a rock from the train station, from the mall, from school, from pretty much everywhere that it crosses his mind to keep his rocks! In fact we’ve even made special trips to the flea market to buy geodes for him!

This year for Christmas I bought him a small rock & mineral set from Educational Insights (we already have their Everyday Uses Rock & Card set and we LOVE it!) to put under the tree. I realized that other kids might really be into fossils and rocks like my son and if you can’t spring for an expensive set (or don’t want to spend a lot on “rocks”!) there are several that are $10 or less!

Toy Smith Mineral Kit includes 15 mineral specimens)

Gemstone Collection Box (includes 25 gemstones)

Rock & Crystal Excavation Kit  (dig your own 5 rocks and/or crystal)

U.S. Mounted Rocks & Minerals

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