FREE Online Backup File Storage – Great for Accessing Anywhere!

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Don’t want to lug around a portable hard drive from place to place just to get your backed up files? There are two companies that we have used before which store your files online. The thing I really like about storing my files online is that we can access our files ANYWHERE!! If I’m on vacation, I can get them. My husband (a teacher) can put his school files online and get them on our home computer, and vice versa. We have tried both Carbonite and SugarSync.
Carbonite is offering a 15 day FREE trial for online backup storage which is a GREAT way to try it out and see what you think. This was the first thing we did when we started looking at alternative file backup solutions. You can purchase a yearly plan which is pretty reasonable after your freebie trial if you love it.
SugarSync offers a small amount of free storage (500 MB), and then you can purchase a set amount of storage after that. This way you only pay for what you use. If you refer 3 friends to check out their service you can earn additional free storage which is a neat setup.

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  1. crimedoc1 says:

    I can TOTALLY recommend Carbonite. I've been using it for several years now and it's really a great deal for me because it is unlimited storage. I've got a ton of stuff on my hard drive (over two hundred gigabytes!) and Carbonite backs it all up for me. Offsite, which means it is safe if my computer is stolen, or fried, or the house burns down, or is totaled by a hurricane.

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