Don’t Cut Corners on Big Purchases

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Surviving on any tight budget makes the bigger purchases in life stressful. But just because you can’t afford to buy things brand new or the highest quality products doesn’t mean you should always buy the cheapest either. Sometimes surviving on our salary is knowing when to spend more money on something, and when to buy cheap. For example, paying $100 for a shirt doesn’t mean it’s that much better quality of a shirt than a $10 shirt. But spending $100 on a vacuum cleaner usually means it’s MUCH better than a $10 vacuum. You have to know what is a necessary item and what you can skimp on. Typically if it’s something I want to get at least 3 years out of I look for a good quality, possibly pricier item.

Below are a few things that I save up to purchase a better quality product for:

Vacuum Cleaner

Large Appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, etc.)


Lawn Mower


Structural House Changes (roof, deck, windows, etc.)

Items we tend to skimp on:




Cosmetic House Changes (paint, shelves, furniture, etc.)

I have learned that typically (every situation is different) the big items that we don’t cheap out on and decide to put the research behind last longer than if we had bought something cheap. What are some of your MUST BUY¬†good quality items? What do you allow yourself to go cheap on to save some money?

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