Christmas in July Scavenger Hunt Ideas!

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Did you know that there are actually quite a few people that celebrate Christmas in July? I’m not just talking about the great sales you’ll see going on, I’m talking about the people that actually pull out their Christmas tree and lights during the summer and send out Christmas cards!! I’m not quite that crazy- but I do think the kids would have a blast with a “Christmas in July” Scavenger Hunt! At the end of the Scavenger Hunt you can serve ice cream and even open up a small gift! Anything with presents in it is sure to get your kids excited!! Why not bake and decorate cookies together too!
There are several different ways you can incorporate Christmas scavenger hunt type games for your children depending on their age level. Here are a few ideas:
Hide candy canes- whoever finds the most picks a prize!

Play “Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree”!

Traditional Scavenger Hunt with Christmas themed clues.

Give the kids a list with Christmas related items to find- time it!

Print photo cards with 1 letter on each card- let the kids find them and unscramble the word!

One a tight budget? Your prizes don’t have to be purchased or be big! Check the Dollar Tree or Dollar section at Target for small prizes. For free prizes offer special privileges or first opportunities to design cookies, pick a park to play at, or have extra game time that day!
This post has been sponsored by They have cards and invitations for graduation, baby, wedding, party, religious, holidays, and of course- Christmas! They also have all sorts of types of cards too- traditional, modern, photo, even magnetic! I also found that you can make personalized cookies in a larger order on their site too- how cool is that? Your school could even make personalized cookies and sell them throughout the year! Certainly an interesting idea I’ve never thought of before! 
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    hi really like your gift idea on Christmas..I tried to come up with clues and hiding places that can be found in almost every home.

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