Cheap Princess Party Favors & Party Ideas

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Instead of creating party favor bags for each child at the party, many times we have incorporated our little gifts into the party that the kids can take home with them. (For boys having a bug party they could take home magnifying glasses, bug nets, and bug catchers!)

I know princess stuff can get outrageously expensive – and who doesn’t want to dress up their little princess and her friends on her special day? Check out these inexpensive princess party favor ideas that you can give the kids as they walk in the door to use and play with during the party – and then let them know they can take it home!

Remember – save money by purchasing solid color plates and balloons. If your kids really want a specific princess choose only one or two inexpensive items to display at the party that are themed! Sprinkle glitter (or fairy dust!) on the table for an extra touch! 


Other Cheap Princess Party Ideas:

Depending on the specific princess add accessories! (shells for Ariel, apples for Snow White, shoes for Cinderella)

Instead of buying themed decorations used solid colors and lots of tulle!

Create castles out of boxes.

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