Butterfly Clippy Paper Holder Craft

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Butterfly Clippy Paper Holder
Materials Needed:
Elmer’s Glue Stick
1 Clothespin
4 pom-pom balls
1 pair of googly eyes
1 pipe cleaner
craft foam sheets or construction paper
Directions: Cut 1 large wavy piece out of the craft foam sheet (or construction paper) as you can see above in the picture. Then use your Elmer’s glue stick to attach the clothespin to the butterfly wings. Let dry.
 Once the wings have dried onto the clothespin, flip the butterfly over so that the clothespin is laying on the table and the foam wings are facing up. Choose which pom pom you want as the head of your butterfly, and thread a small piece of pipe cleaner through the middle of the pom pom for antennaes. Glue the googly eyes onto the pom pom head. Then use your glue stick to apply glue liberally on the clothespin, and place the 3 remaining pom poms of your color choice in the middle of the wings to form your butterfly’s body. Once it is dried you can choose to glue a magnet on the back for your fridge, or hang it on an art clothesline!

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