Bug Glasses with Compound Eyes!!

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I’m in LOVE! These look SO awesome!! Has anyone ever bought/tried these before?? These Buzzerks are made by Insect Lore and are glasses that kids put on and see everything as the bug would see them. You can see a video of it on Amazon but it looks really awesome! They are only $6.40! I’m SOOO tempted to buy one for my son as he is totally obsessed with bugs! They have a Hornet, a Fireant, and a Mantis.

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  1. 2ndheartmom says:

    What a coincidence. We just went to the Insect Lore Bugzeum in Shafter, CA this weekend! They have everything bug…and a bunch of real bugs as well. I do not remember seeing these glasses though…but, everything they had seemed to be very high quality. If you're ever in the area, you should definitely check out the place with your son. If he loves bugs, he is sure to love this place!

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