Avery Easy Peel Address Labels & Weatherproof Labels Deals

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Avery Easy Peel Address Labels (750 ct) are on sale! These are GREAT for labeling classroom storage, papers, projects, quick name tags, and of course to actually use as address labels! I will mention, however, that if your labels have the chance of getting wet I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Avery Weatherproof Labels.

We used to purchased these in bulk for use in our research lab and I’ve washed thousands of glass beakers with these labels on and never had one peel on me! They are a little pricier (about $15 for 300 labels) but are SO worth every penny.

If you need to take them off they are easy and won’t tear into pieces like the regular labels can. And definitely a smart choice for kids sippy cups and dishes that will be getting washed throughout the year!

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  1. I love all your great finds! Thank you for sharing them with us! However, I don’t always see where they are on sale. Help! 🙂

    1. It’s ok 🙂 Just click any of the links in the post! Look for “Avery Easy Peel Address Labels” OR “Avery Weatherproof Labels” depending on which you are interested in! Hope this helps!

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