Sneaky Ways to Save Money: Utility Bills

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Utility Bills are bills that you just can’t get away from! No matter how hard you try they always seems to increase! At least mine do anyways!! Here are a few ideas to help you save a little bit of money.

1. Install a programmable thermostat. You can save on heating costs as much as 20%! Set it to run cooler or warmer (if it’s cold make it run cooler, it if it’s hot out make it run warmer) while you’re sleeping- you won’t even notice!
2. If the weather is nice outside, turn OFF your thermostat! Open doors & windows. If you need better air flow run a small fan in the house. We have had our thermostat off for the last 2 weeks! If it starts getting too stuffy or warm we move the fan around by the doors & run it for a while.
3. Unplug unused appliances. Did you know that even if your appliances are turned OFF they are still drawing an electric charge? Yep- you are still paying for a TV that’s turned off. How about that computer?
4. Replace your old light bulbs with new energy saving bulbs!
5. Help your freezer use less energy- keep it full! If you can’t afford to keep it stocked with food put some empty boxes & containers in there. Less air flow to keep the freezer cold = less electricity = less $$ spent!
6. Only wash laundry/dishes if you have a full load to run. Less loads to wash = less electricity = less $$!
7. Open the blinds and turn off the lights! Consider a family dinner by candlelight once a week too!
8. Hang your clothes outside to dry. Install a clothesline outside & hang your wet laundry!
9. Did you know that it’s cheaper to do your laundry & dishes at night than it is during the day? The middle of the day is peak hours for electricity usage- so try doing your chores at night instead!
10. In the winter open all your blinds during the day, the sunlight will help warm up the house.

1. Install low flow aerators in your faucets and shower heads.
2. Don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth if you don’t need it! Same for the shower.
3. Don’t fill up the kids bathtubs as full.
4. Rinse your fruits/veggies over a pot of water. Then use that pot of water to water your garden.
5. Don’t use running water to thaw your frozen foods. Put them in the fridge the day or 2 before you need them.
6. Wash your car after it rains. Park your car outside during the rain, then use soap & rinse!
7. Cover wading & swimming pools so that you don’t need to add as much water later.
8. Going on vacation? Completely turn off the water supply to your house! You won’t have to worry about wasting water or having accidental leaks. (Trust me on this one- we went on vacation for a week and got back to a $300 water bill!)

***One way we help to budget for our water bill is that we pay a flat amount every month- by our choice. Our water bill runs about $15, so I choose to pay $20 every month. Every month I carry a credit, and even though my bill may only be like $2 after my credit, I choose to pay $20 anyways. That way if we are having a tight month on our bills- I won’t have to pay my water bill because of my credits. Generally in the summer we do not have any extra income, so after paying $20 a month the rest of the year, I will not have to pay any money during the summer months for my water bill.***

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