SALE on Kids Sensory-Friendly Earmuffs / Headphones!!

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If you have a sensory sensitive or autistic/asperger’s kid you definitely need to get your kiddo a pair of earmuffs! We have a pair from Baby Banz for our son and they are absolutely fantastic!! Even if my son doesn’t use them knowing that he CAN use them helps him a lot in loud social situations! Not to mention that these are great for protecting kids ears in loud environments too. I found a sale on Amazon on these Peltor Kid’s Earmuffs which come in blue or pink (the pink ones are $1 more). They have GREAT reviews! The few bad reviews say that they are small, but as I read through the reviews most of them mentioned it being adjustable – one person saying they fit her adult son! Either way I am going to grab myself a 2nd pair of earmuffs for my son to leave in the car! They are only $13.82 which to me is definitely worth the price!

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